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Have your company be part of a new universe, at Élite Diseños we combine a team with experience, talent and expertise, which multiplies the value we bring to people and associates. We put our entire value chain, distribution, design, projects, execution, training and advice at your disposal. Learn about the conditions of distribution and purchase, permanent stock.

Passion for our work

giving solutions


We facilitate the option of offering our range of products in direct sales, focused on both the domestic retail market and the professional installer, including large-scale projects by providing assistance and advice on any of the processes. Permanent stock, guarantee of supply, personalized catalogs, advertising support, etc.


We provide the option of offering our range of products for professionals in interior design, digital printing, labeling, etc. Having the possibility of buying by square meter and guaranteed supply from our permanent stock.


We provide permanent training for installers by certifying them for the official Infeel installation. Installation technicians, specialization courses, new skill courses, installers guide, how-to guides.


We invite you to be part of the world of Élite Diseños, and we make all our of national and international experience of executed projects, new materials, application techniques, planning and a myriad of constructive solutions available to you, which will place you in another dimension in the field of renovations and refurbishments.

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