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It is part with your company of a new universe, in elite diseños We combine a team with experience, talent and technique, that makes the value that we bring to the people and associates multiply. We provide you with all our value chain, distribution, design, projects, execution, training, advice. Find out about the conditions of distribution and purchase, permanent stock


In Elite Diseños, as Exclusive distributors for Europe, we are dedicated to the distribution of products completely innovative and according to the necessities of the current market of materials for the decoration, refurbishment and new work. These include Infeel PVC self-adhesive liners and POV Glass coatings. A new concept in the world of materials for interior decorating and reforming.

Elite Diseños is oriented to satisfy the market needs in terms of the commercialization of avant-garde products, quality and aesthetic appeal, which allows us to establish an open dialogue with decorators, interior designers, advertisers, Distributors, architects, builders and final consumers; Being consistent with the principles and values that govern the company to which we belong.

The Elite designs line is integrated by Self- adhesive and thermoformable vinyl liners (infeel), Textile Vinyl coatings for Crystals (POV) and Decoration Materials Focused for medium and large projects such as: soils (Decoblu), toilets, washbasins, spas, etc. Models created to break schemes and transform homes, halls, offices and commercial premises based on the most modern designs, ideal for the most demanding tastes, fulfilling the principle of quality.

Passion for our work

giving solutions


We provide the option to offer our range of products, focused on both the domestic retail market and the professional installer, in direct sales, through the projects of great work, providing assistance and advice in any of the processes. Permanent Stock, guarantee of supply, personalized catalogues, advertising supports, etc.


We offer the option of offering our range of products for professionals in interior design, digital printing, rorulation, etc. Having the possibility of buying by footage and guaranteed supply from our permanent stock.


We facilitate the permanent training for installers, homologous them for the official Infeel application. Application technicians, specialization courses, recycling courses, installers guide, use material. Application technicians, specialization courses, recycling courses, Installer’s Guide, use material.


We invite you to become part of the world of elite designs, putting at your disposal all our national and international experience of executed projects, new materials, application techniques, planning and an endless of constructive solutions, that will make To put you in another dimension in the area of renewal and reform.

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