Decoblu is an innovative vinyl flooring with high resistance and durability made of slat and floor tile. Decoblu is marketed in three formats, slats or gluing tile and loose lay type. There are more than 120 designs, colours, and references to meet the customers’ needs.

The textures imitate the finest materials, such as wood, marble, stone, etc. It’s very easy to clean and install. It’s 100 per cent reusable. Decoblu flooring is formed by joining PVC layers. Thanks to the use of nanotechnology, Decoblu has a high density finish which gives the product an antibacterial quality demanded by today’s lifestyle. The Loose lay type is self-supporting and self-adjustable and in the 90 per cent of the cases without need of self-levelling paste. 

Speed and cleanliness during installation are its identity marks.